You deserve easy data |
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You deserve easy data.

We think the best way to achieve that is to have your data actually talk to you.

Our manifesto
We don't want people to look at their data and think "I'm not going through this".
We want them to think "I get it".
By simplifying the relationship between people and data greater things can be accomplished in less time.
That’s why we want to ensure everyone gains easy access to their
data, understands the true potential of each insight to make the right web marketing decisions.
And because everyone has a different knowledge of data analytics, we included a smart way to benefit from digital marketing tips.
01 Ask, get, act

"I'd just like everything to be clear"

The crystal advisor will give you all the answers you need. Ask it anything on your web performance, the advisor will provide you with insightful data and suggestions on improving your strategy. Because when you’re unsure it’s nice to get that extra tip.

02 Drag, drop, love

"If you're making my data easier to read you're certainly getting rid of some stuff."

Rest assured we’re not. The data stays, as do your chances to play with it. It’s the interaction which gets incredibly simple. crystal is a virtual personal advisor, a data analytics software and a social media dashboard in one easy interface. More features are coming soon. The further crystal goes, the more all-in-one it will be.

03 Analyze, measure, manage

"Some numbers I get from my data look a bit overpromising."

Those are the numbers we changed. We’ve always thought some metrics show pleasing figures but don’t really clarify your digital situation, so we changed their algorithms in order to make real and worthwhile engagement stand out.

04 The team

"We're the maker and the client."

crystal was born in a digital agency.
We believe in the results and relationships the web fosters.
Necessity sparked the idea: with so many digital marketing tools out there, showing just one side of the game or offering lots of data and zero simplicity, we felt it was time for something to change.
So we made crystal, our own data intelligence software, and we love it.

crystal is the new virtual advisor for digital marketing, designed for any marketer looking to optimize their web efforts.
crystal aims to be an all-in-one business intelligence solution which enables anyone to get more out of their data in the easiest possible way.
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