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Get answers from your data.

crystal blends digital data analytics, social content management and collaboration. Ask the virtual advisor or get on the platform.


Don't search for data, let it talk.

Insights lead to advice

The crystal virtual personal advisor does more than an assistant would do: not only does it provide you with metrics, it also tells you which steps you should take with your digital marketing.

It learns by doing

The crystal advisor improves its performance by getting in touch with your data. The more you ask, the more you’ll get from it, thanks to a custom-made artificial intelligence built on Google Cloud Platform, which we’re proud to have as a partner.

No awkward talk

Interactions should be as human as possible, which is why the crystal advisor uses Natural Language Processing to speak with you.

Say it or write it

The crystal advisor answers your questions in voice or writing, enabling you to get your insights from both desktop and mobile devices.
Google Cloud Platform

Predictive analytics

Your all-in-one data solution.

New metrics added

The crystal data analytics tool gives you access to insights unseen before. New, helpful metrics are available to show you data from a different perspective.

Know what you need

crystal analytics applies new algorithms to your usual metrics enabling you to truly understand what's happening in your digital world.

Web and social analytics

Both web and social analytics are available on crystal: keep track of websites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube channels, with more to come.

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Your social media management tool.

Write, plan, publish

Three clicks and one calendar: that’s all it takes with the crystal social media management tool. Write your content, keep track of it and be noticed when it goes published.

Plan your content ahead

The crystal social publishing calendar is your tool to schedule multi-brand and multi-channel content and get it automatically published when you need. Now available for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Smart publisher

Scheduling your next post? The Smart Publisher tells you exactly the best time to publish your content on each channel, based on your social engagement history.

Loving my new publisher

This is a post about how amazing it is to publish, schedule and manage your social media content across channels with just one easy click.
August 2017Tuesday 22nd 16:40 Smart Post


Enjoy more results from your LinkedIn marketing

Thanks to its PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights integration, crystal Listening enables you to unlock aggregated data from the world’s largest online professional network.

Dig deeper into data

Understand who’s your audience, which content is being shared and what type of engagement that content is generating on LinkedIn with exclusive insights.

Campaign management

Take online advertising to the next level.

Simple is better

Make campaign monitoring easier than ever, with crystal analytics’ simplified metrics addressing the right questions about your key KPIs.

One-click connect

Campaign analytics are available for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google AdWords. One click and your ad accounts are connected.


Create and manage your online multichannel campaigns in the easiest way yet – and let crystal’s artificial intelligence automatically allocate budgets to help you exceed your targets.

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"I want everything that matters handy."

The crystal web and social media analytics dashboard is your place to store and monitor all the data and insights you need to check more often. Add to the dashboard the metrics you need and take out the ones you don’t. Drag, drop, switch, move, resize, clear: what once was pain is now pleasure.
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"Meeting in 5 minutes. I'm not ready yet."

That’s ok, it takes a second to make your analytics and social media digital reports. Add a name, drag and drop data, share with your team and clients.
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#CoffeeClub Winter report

Teams and brands

"But I'm not the only person working on this."

Not a problem. crystal enables you to work as teams, with each team member having custom access to crystal features on one or more projects.
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Web Marketing
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Social CRM
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IT Operations
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iOS app back soon

crystal for iOS is getting a makeover, receive a notification as soon as it’s back!